The Beginner's Guide to Digital Marketing
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The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing

what is digital marketing

The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing

Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing Digital Marketing

Did you ever heard above fancy words or used them to stand out from the crowd and look smart in front of your fellow friend or colleagues?

I bet you did. Because several people just say that they want to learn Digital Marketing or they want to use digital marketing to grow their business, not just locally but also globally.

Do they actually know what Digital marketing is?

In this guide, we covered the essential topic that helps you to understand the core concepts of Digital Marketing. 

  • What is Digital Marketing? 
  • Types of Digital Marketing
  • How does Digital Marketing work?
  • How Digital Marketing differs from Traditional Marketing or Offline Marketing? 
  • Benefits of Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

According to Wikipedia, “Digital marketing is the component of marketing that uses the internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services.”

Ring the bell? Nope. 

In a simple term, “An advertisement that delivers through any type of digital channels such as Social media, Email, Search engine, Webpage, or any other digital channel is called Digital Marketing.”

Let’s practically understand this term. 

Let’s assume that you have an offline cloth store. Throughout the day, many customers come to your shop and buy the necessary items. Then times fly and the number of customers that come to your shop is keeping decreasing. You sell the best quality product at the lowest price and still, the result is the same. 

Then you realized that all your customers are shifted online and buy from your competitor. This situation becomes annoying when you sell a quality product but no one is buying from you. 

That’s where Digital marketing comes into play. 

Through Digital Marketing you can meet with your ideal customer at the right time and right place with the right offer. That’s the fantasy of Digital marketing. 

Types of Digital Marketing

Online marketing, Internet marketing, online advertisement, whatever you name it, all are the same. But there are different channels in Digital Marketing through marketers do an advertisement for their business. 

Here is the list of them. Take a look. 

1) Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of ranking higher in Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others through organic. In other words, without spending a single penny on the advertisement. This process takes time and extra effort to win organic games. 

2) Content Marketing

In 1996 Microsoft founder Bill Gates Wrote an essay and uses the quote, “Content is King.” Today, even after 25 years of this quote online marketers still preferred to content above any other tactic. 

Content marketing means to write and publish relevant, valuable content that gives value to the potential customer and encourage them to take action. A contain can distribute through Blog posts, Images, videos, infographics, and other media. 

3) Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is the practice to promote your business online and inspire people to visit your website, take an action, or generate a lead for your business. 

Social Media Marketing is the best solution for a small business owner to grow their business online and promotes their brand. The social media channel you can use to grow your business online are:

– Facebook

– Instagram

– Twitter

– Snapchat

– Linkedin

– Pinterest

– Tik Tok 

– Others 

4) Email Marketing

Email marketing is a highly effective marketing tactic that is used to send promo codes, Blog posts, new product details, gifts, or special discountss to your current customer or the people who subscribe to your email. 

To start Email marketing, the first thing that requires is the Email list. If you have an email list of your ideal customer, then the chances are higher that you win a digital game. 

6) Pay Per Click Advertisement

Pay Per Click advertisement is a profitable way to encourage a user to take action on your website. When someone clicks on your ad then you’ve paid otherwise you don’t charge for it. Facebook and Google give PPC features other channel charges for impressions or views. 

7) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing means promoting someone else product and if a user buys from you, then you take a commission for it. If you’re a business owner, then you pay someone else to promote your product and give them a commission, if the customer buys from them. 

Affiliate marketing is a win-win situation for both marketer and product owner. 

8) Native Advertisement

Native advertisements are those that match website content and show ads relevant to the content of the website. It is hard to find a native advertisement because it really doesn’t look like an advertisement. 

Ex. If you read a blog about ‘best Mobile phone’ then there are several native advertisers shows ads for other content like ‘best android phone’, ‘how to buy a mobile phone’, and others. 

Native advertisement is a great choice for content marketing. 

9) Paid search advertisement

As I above mentioned, SEO is a tough task and it takes a long time to rank your website in search engines. Through PPC you can bid for your ideal keyword and the search engine will show your ad if the user types keyword in the search engine. The best part about PPC, if a user clicks on your ad then you charge for it. 

10) Sponsored Content

Sponsored content means to write or promote the content of other companies and gives specific information on your page, website, or blog roughly product or business. Social media influencers mostly used sponsored content to promote other company products or services through their page. 

11) Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a way to promote relevant and valuable content to draw customer attention via different marketing channels like social media ads, Content Marketing, Pay per Click, etc. Inbound marketing gives valuable information about the product and gets the attention of the customer. 

The sole purpose of Inbound marketing is to crave the attention of the customer even before they buy the product. 

How does Digital Marketing work?

This is the uttermost important question you should ask when starting your digital marketing journey. 

In my opinion. “Digital Marketing doesn’t work until you make Digital marketing work for you.”

You have to create the right funnel and distribute it to the right channel. That’s the first step you should take.  

Here is the Digital Marketing funnel: 

1) Awareness: In the different channels you have to be aware customers of the product or service you offer and get their attention. You can do this through display advertisements, video ads, text ads, etc. 

2) Interest: When you grab the attention of customers they visit your website and know more about your service through calls, email. 

3) Decision: When they feel that your offer gives value to their desire then they decide to start a free trial, Subscribe to your newsletter, add to the cart, or know a little bit extra about it. 

4) Action: If you offer a perfect fit for their need they take action. In action, they buy, refer, or give reviews. 

5) Trust: If a customer feels that your product gives them value or solved their problem then you automatically gonna win their trust. And they become your regular customer. 

Channel for Digital marketing

Digital Marketing works differently on different channels. So, it’s always best to choose the right channel and spend your time and effort on it. 

If one channel gives you maximum customers then you should stick with it and gives priority to that channel. 

Ex. If Social media marketing works more than a Paid search advertisement then you should spend more money on the social ad and less on Search ads. 

How does Digital Marketing differ from Traditional Marketing or Offline Marketing? 

The main difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is the medium through which a message encounters the ideal customer. 

Digital marketing uses Digital Media channels like Social media, Search engines, while traditional marketing used newspapers, magazines, billboards, and pamphlets. 

I’m not saying that the time of traditional marketing is gone, it is still in demand but you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity for your business in the digital world. 

The benefits of traditional marketing are that it’s impactful, memorable, and permanent but there are several cons like expensive, targeting the right audience, and no measurement tools, etc. 

No matter how much traditional marketing is impactful we cannot deny that the world is now live on the internet. 

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Now you should have some idea of what digital marketing is. 

It’s time to enlighten you with some benefits of Digital Marketing. 

1) Less investment 

In Digital Marketing you can start promoting your business with less investment. You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars to establish your business. Start with a small budget and if your marketing tactics are impactful then your business grows rapidly. 

2) Easy to measure  

With traditional media, you cannot track your customer. On the other hand with digital marketing, you can track each and every step of your customer. In addition to this, you can also find where your customer comes from, which device it use, the demographic and behavior of the customer, and much more. Isn’t it wonderful?

3) Grow globally 

No one likes to be stuck in one place. They all want to expand their business in many cities and earn some extra bucks. With digital marketing, you can grow your business globally. All you have to do is target the geographic area and the rest of the work digital channels will do for you. That’s the foremost benefit of digital marketing. 

4) Gives brand reputation

Today no one likes to buy from a company that associates with scandals. If your brand gives value to the customer and solves their problem in an easy way then chances are high that you gain customer trust. When you win a customer’s heart it means they give priority to your brand. This way you can build a strong relationship with your customers. 

5) Spy on a competitor 

In traditional media, you barely know who your competitors are but in digital marketing, you are not aware of them but also spy on them. You can know what your competitor is selling, which platform they used for advertisement, how they promote their product, and much more. 

6) Split test 

With the help of a split test, you can measure which ads work best for you and which waste your money. According to the digital marketer, a Split test is the heart of digital marketing. If you want to introduce a new product in the market and have no idea which audience you should target, a split test can help you with it and gives you a result on which audience is best for you. 

7) Retarget your audience 

Retarget means target a customer that visits your website but left before taking action. Retargeting helps you to show ads to the visitor and encourage it to take action from your website. If a customer adds a product to the cart and then left, you can show ads relevant to the product. 

8) Find a new customer 

Digital marketing helps for getting customers. Digital channels target a customer that looking for a product that you’re offering or best suited for their needs. 

9) Higher revenue

There is no doubt that higher conversion gives higher revenue. In digital marketing, you can get more customers and leads. You offer to reach a broad audience and if they become your customer then your revenue automatically grows in no time. That’s the magic of Digital Marketing. 

10) The most effective marketing tactic

Digital marketing has the potential to reach a broad audience and engage with customers. The core benefit of digital marketing is that you can track every step of the buyer journey, reach a broad audience, find new customers, and expand your brand. 

That’s why Digital Marketing is the most effective marketing tactic compared to other marketing. 

Now it’s time to try digital marketing and take your business to the next level. 

Learn Digital Marketing in 2020

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